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Published: 06th January 2010
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There are a total of 20 container leasing companies in 3 areas including 18 in Denmark, one in England and one in Sweden. Container leasing can be done through container leasing depots such as these, or through individuals whom sell you the merchandise. Container leasing depots that are the most popular in Denmark include the ALPHA Containers, Condane Cargo Service and Container Providers International. There are many others to choose from, and by no means should you use a container leasing agent you are not comfortable with. If you are searching with no results for container leasing companies, checking with the trade association for container and chassis leasing industry's Institute of International Container Lessors will help you find reputable companies.

The IICL has many member companies, and these companies offer container leasing to all companies across the world for marine cargo containers. These members are known to own or manage almost 90 percent of the leased container fleet as well as almost half of the world's container fleet. The IICL is involved in regulations, taxes, customs as well as governmental matters on behalf of all the member companies. The IICL offers its members courses on inspector certification, repair courses on all types of containers and publications for the industry. Their website can be a good tool to use in order to find container leasing companies.

There are other companies located worldwide that offer groups of container leasing companies on their websites. These companies offer container leasing on behalf of the group of companies they represent. Costs can be less than trying to broker your own leasing account with a smaller company, and transporting assets is a large portion of your business. Being able to cut some costs on the overall for your container leasing is the easiest way of doing so. Container leasing groups offer information on their businesses such as the amount of containers and ships they do business with, and can help you to choose a container leasing company or shipper that will work best for your budget. These container leasing companies are able to take information from you based on what you ship or need shipped to you, as well as your company's budget needs and from there give you the offers that their current shippers and container leasing companies have available to suit you.

Container leasing companies will take information from you such as the type of cargo you are shipping, and then help you to choose the proper container for your needs. The container you lease will be chosen based on your specific requirements, and can even have insurance applied. The availability of the equipment you need will make a difference on the pricing you are offered, but for the most part if you get in touch with the container leasing company early enough you should have no problem getting a better deal. The deals you are able to get as an individual will not be as good as those that you would get using a container leasing company.

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